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VAG EVENT 2014 4-6th JULY
VE 2013 short film youtube premiere - 17.02.2014!

Since the year 2014 has begun it's high time to acquaint you all guys with some details of Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2014. Like some may have seen here and there this year we decided to reschedule the usual date a bit by moving the show one week later to 4-6th July. Moreover, some important changes for this year are as follows:
- the show will be closed to public, since it all has grown too big and we feel we need to return to our roots
- all applications will be answered at once after the deadline is over, so it's easier for us to compare pick the best cars
- if you aren't ready by the time, send us pictures of what you have done and of parts, plus a person we can refer to to get some confirmation about the build
- applying is possible from 1st to 31st May 2014. Replies till 7th june 2014.
- one room per one attendant limit like last year
- no early-/latecoming passengers, all must be in the invited car on arrival

In case of any questions, use

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The 6th edition of Wolfsgruppe VAG EVENT will take place on 28-30 June 2013 at Mickiewiczowskie Centrum Turystyczne in Zerkow (postcode 63-210). Due to last year accomodation problems for owners of the invited cars, we would like to inform that this time the on site rooms will be only available when the invitation is given / application form is accepted positively (participants will be given further instructions by us). There is a limit of one room per an invited car. This applies until all the available rooms are offered or the list of participants is closed (then all remaining rooms will be available for others). 

There is no possibility of camping on site due to space restrictions! 

If you are planning to arrive unannounced and hoping to participate, please be aware that you may not be allowed to enter the showground due to selection process.

VAG EVENT 2011 the movie
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Long-awaited 11 minutes full of rain, the most difficult event for Wolfsgruppe ever - with this film we would like to thank You that you were with us.




Wolfsgruppe VAG EVENT 2012
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So here it is! We are finally ready to inform you about the date of the 5th edition of Wolfsgruppe VAG Event. The show will happen on 29th June to 1st July 2012 in Mickiewiczowskie Centrum Turystyczne (MCT) in Zerkow, Poland (postcode 63-210).

All foreign guests willing to book a room, please contact us via our email ( in order to receive specific instructions how you can do it. If you have any other problems concerning the show, also write using the mentioned email. Full and detailed info will be announced here in the upcoming months. We're here to help you so together we can make this show even more international!




Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2011
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Since the spring is shortly about to appear in Poland, it's high time to launch the promotion of the 4th edition of probably the highest class VAG show in Poland, Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2011. You will be informed about details via our Facebook profile as well as via especially prepared VAG Event site,
The show has been famous for its unique organisation and special system of selection of the finest vehicles, and with this edition we will continue this tradition.
We hope to see not only our good old friends but also new faces from all around the world. So, if you're willing to attend our venue, do not hesitate to contact us via our email: .